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Less is more. Be your own sacred healer.

My yogic journey started in 2008, when the practice gave me comfort in pregnancy. This was the first time I realized how healing it could be. I was always an active person but nowhere else did I experience the balance and calm I felt in this sacred space. This was my new beginning.


I jumped into regular yoga classes as soon as my body recovered from labor and I found not only my physical practice but also my people. There’s something very special about being surrounded by yogis. My new calling led me to delve deep into studio classes and in 2011 I trained with world-renowned, advanced-level teacher, Francois Raoult, here in Rochester. At Open Sky I became yoga teacher certified and a couple years later I became prenatal yoga certified through that studio as well.


Iyengar-centered practice was completely different from how I was learning up until then. Alignment-focused and breath-focused, I discovered a higher sense of mind-body balance and connection; and that less really is more. I truly love to teach this practice. The empowerment, open-mindedness, tranquility and fulfillment that I see in my students is satisfying to behold. In my classes we explore how yoga is therapeutic, as I was taught. Coming together we become our own sacred healers.

Jen's Classes:


Open Vinyasa Flow

Wednesdays 6:00pm - 7:15pm


Open to all levels of yoga practice. Connecting fullness of breath, we will transition slowly between poses to further work on core stabilization and invigoration. A full practice from head to toe, we will tone, open and rest.

See our classes page for special workshop classes that Jen has to offer!


$18 per class with Jen/drop in

5 classes with Jen during 6 week period are $80

10 classes with Jen over a 12 week period are $150 

Private sessions are available with Jen.  Please contact Jen to schedule and inquire about pricing (585) 314-7761


Accepting cash, check, Venmo: @jennifer-arena-0

and Pay Pal: @jenniferarena1


Rock Balancing
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